The Subtle Art of Surrender--Opening Your Heart to What is All Around

I am hearing a common theme from many friends about their experiences from the beginning of 2018...January kicked everyones' asses.  It started at the beginning of the month with a Full Moon in the house of her own sign...Cancer.  It was a beautiful time to go deeply within, to find nurture and sustenance in our own true homes of our own inner landscapes and hearts.  Personally, I did a lot of "driving and crying" to which my own sister can attest.  Or rather, my sister did a lot of "driving," and I did a lot of straight-up-crying.  It is when we go through these times of personal turmoil that we truly know the depth of our own strength and resiliency.  All there was left to do was feel my feelings, and surrender it to my Higher Power, to Spirit and to the Universe.  It was not easy to get to the point where I could lay it down, but I believe that the key is to stop having negative conversations with yourself about yourself.  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation are key for me in this arena, badass-lightworker friends, an amazing Shaman, (and the most gifted, wonderful therapist...e.v.e.r.).  

photo by  Hill Honeck

photo by Hill Honeck

The second Full Moon of January was not only a Full Moon it was a Supermoon and there was a lunar eclipse to which the build up was felt by many many women in my community.  The Full Moon, this time, occurred in Leo made a lot of feelings run high for many people.  The Supermoon caused an even greater pull on our bodies causing some people to feel terribly exhausted and tired and others like myself to be full of energy and not able to sleep.  I was definitely wearing my figurative "red boots."  A different type of surrender was necessary at the end of the month.  A surrender to the goddess of dance and all things alive.

Opening your heart is never easy; it makes us feel vulnerable.  I keep telling myself that opening my heart is about connecting to my true inner self which then allows me to connect to the world around me.  I have always been good at finding compassion for others, and perhaps that is a socialization that we are brought up with as women.  However, having a strong Metta practice starts with yourself.  I am learning to be compassionate toward myself first so that I can truly be compassionate for others now.  

I have a truly amazing friend who tells me that All is Love and Love is All there is.  Opening your heart to that truth is part of surrendering to your Higher Self.  It's a practice.  I practice it to become better at it; and I practice it to heal myself and to Love better.  Sometimes I am better at it than others, that's also why it's a practice, ha!  

Today's Sadhana Practice:
     1.  Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur
     2.  13th Pauri of Japji 11 repetitions
     3.  Basic Spinal Energy Series Kriya
     4.  Meditation for Prosperity II

"The faithful have intuitive awareness & intellegence.
The faithful know about all works & realms.
The faithful shall never be struck across the face.
The faithful do not have to go with the Messenger of Death.
Such is the Name of the Immaculate Lord.
Only one who has faith comes to know such a state of mind."  --Japji Pauri 13